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Online Facebook Link Statistics
How to get more Facebook likes

Get Facebook Statistics for every Link (Url) you want for free

Get Facebook Statistics for every link (url) you want for free. You will get total number of Facebook likes, shares and comments for every link you want. Interesting and useful information! Nowadays number of likes for home domain is the most important factor in Google search results. All the likes on facebook page does not count in google ranking algorithm, because they are under Facebook domain. Check your own sites or check sites before buying or signing up. If you work with internet marketing, it's sure useful to get for your clients. It retrieves Facebook Statistics for exact url:s, for instance imdb.com. You can also search for a specific facebook page that's available without being logged in, for instance facebook.com/imdb. Facebook track their statistics by exact url and this site search with their webservice Graph Api to get the result.

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